What is QRBTF

QRBTF stands for “QR Code Beautifier” and it born out of a university course project. It was then that we began using methods of generative art to hide the QR codes within lines, bubbles, pixel art, and a variety of other intriguing patterns. The project has been open-sourced on GitHub, and remains accessible at classic.qrbtf.com.

In June 2023, pioneering the fusion of QR codes with generative AI, we utilized ControlNet and Stable Diffusion to create the world’s first AI-generated QR code. Afterward, we shared it on platforms like Reddit, where it garnered widespread attention.

Today, you can try generating a wide array of QR codes on our website. Give it a go!

Project status

  • Free trial on generate AI QR codes of default URL with prompts and parameters on qrbtf.com/ai and our Discord server.
  • No paid service available now, coming soon!
  • Contact us for collaboration.