Parameters of QRBTF’s Discord bot command are slightly different from the web app, this doc will introduce how to use the Discord bot and give you the reference of the parameters.

/qrtest prompt

The /qrtest command are the trail method to generate AI QR codes. You cannot add the custom URL in this command, and the generated result are only for test.


In the Discord channel, type /qrtest, select the corresponding command, then input prompt and parameters to generate QR codes.


  • /qrtest apple
  • /qrtest 1girl, sunset --qrcontrol 1.2
  • /qrtest pattern, flowers, birds --seed 1234 --size L --qranchor minimal



Prompt. Describe what you want of a QR code.

Example: pattern, flowers


Negative Prompt. Exclude what you want in the image.

Example: people

number 0.5 - 1.5
default: "1.0"

QR code control strength, lower values make it harder to recognize, higher values result in poorer quality.

Example: 1.2

int -1 - 9999
default: "-1"

Random seed, default is -1 which means random; can be specified as a number from 0 to 9999.

Example: 1234

number 0 - 0.5
default: "0.2"

QR code padding ratio.

Example: 0.3

'M' | 'L'
default: "M"

Image size, M corresponds to 1152 × 1152, L corresponds to 1536 × 1536, default is M

Example: L

'L' | 'M' | 'Q' | 'H'
default: "M"

QR code error correction level, L, M, Q, H correspond to 7%, 15%, 25%, and 30% error tolerance respectively, default is M

Example: H

'square' | 'circle' | 'minimal'
default: "square"

Anchor point style, default is square, changing to minimal will significantly reduce QR code recognition rate

Example: circle


Add this parameter to disable built-in prompt tuning

number 0.1 - 0.5

Image restoration ratio, can repair adverse effects caused by QR code control, but will lower QR code recognition rate, it is recommended to use it with higher QR code error correction level.

Example: 0.3